A sleepless Mom

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As mothers we all have those sleepless nights. I know, I have my fair share of them as well. Being a mother of two boys, and taking care of my four year old nephew  is no easy task. Some days are better than others, more so than most. I love them dearly but, it would be bliss to get a full nights rest. I am sure you all would agree you would love sleep as well( If you’re a parent).
Before I had my kids everyone would joke with me and say “nicci you can get plenty of rest once your dead”. Boy those were
the days not a care in the world.( “oh”, you know you remember those days).

Now i am lucky, if I even get four hours of sleep. I wouldn’t change it though my kids are my world and everyday they do something to make me laugh, or help me to remember what it is like to be a kid again. For example my oldest son Ethan, is so much into Pokemon, that he loves to draw little characters of them and make names for his creations. He is so creative, that he will cut out all of these creations and leave them everywhere. I swear, sometimes I wake up and the pieces of paper will be in my hair, or I’ll find some in his clothes hamper, and even found one in the shower. He is so funny with these paper creations and its gotten so out of hand that we had to go purchase him a binder. So that he could put them in a place other than my shower. I asked him one day “Ethan, why do you cut them out, why not draw them and leave them in the sketch book”? He exclaims, they look better out of the book.

Boy kids are funny, my nephew Jaden which recently I have been taking care of. He comes up with silly stuff all the time. Once he told me that he believes that human teeth are made from elephants tusks. I was actually stumped, at first I didn’t know what to say he made me laugh so hard. I did eventually explain to him that our teeth are different from elephants tusks, silly, silly boy.
My youngest son Elijah is six months old, and oh boy he is such a mama’s boy. I guess that comes with being the youngest boy.
He is such a joy though I am not looking forward to the walking stage he needs to give me some time to adjust lol, seems like he is growing to fast already. I am sure all you parents can related children grow up way too fast. The talking I can deal with, its the grabbing and touching everything. You know, the I am going to try to,  stick a paper clip into an ever so friendly light socket that’s what I am not looking forward too. You would think after having a child, and practically raising someone else’s child, I would be used to it but no.

I don’t think us moms never really get used to things, because every child is different. Everyday is a new learning experience a journey, no matter how many children you have. Take me for example I turned thirty last december, yeah thirty. I have no problems with that it’s not like it’s a dirty word, some seem to think so, but not me. It’s so funny because when you turn
thirty most people act like it’s a cardinal sin to have a child. I have even had people have the nerve to say, wow that’s too old to have a child, “are you freaking kidding me”. Just because you are thirty or forty does not mean that you are any less worthy than a twenty year old. I say do what makes you happy. If you’re fifty and you want to have a child, hell go for it, I mean you’re the one that will be taking care of the baby. People act so shocked like they have to be the raising the child, get real people seriously.
I experienced having my first child when I was twenty and the only difference between then and now me being thirty is maturity.
I say any age is a good age to have a baby( well above eighteen). I guess I do have some limits I don’t believe in children having children, that’s just my own thoughts about that. We never get prepared for something like that but if it happens we do what we have to to help our kids and grandchildren. 

I definitely do things more differently with this second time around, than what I did the first time around. The first time I became a mom, I was a young mother very inexperienced and confused about many things.  At the time I was a single mom and trying to hold down two jobs which was stressful. I didn’t really know much about myself and what I wanted out of life then.This time around eleven years later I am settled down, able to stay at home and be around more which is a blessing. Thank god for my better half he helps out a lot more than a gal could ask for. Now that I have more time with my kids mean less sleep for me, I wake up a lot throughout the night for the occasional diaper changing. Also dealing with nightmares or toilet breaks, I want a drink (etc). Its exhausting but well worth it, my family asks “nicci, where would you like to go for a vacation if you could”. I don’t need much really, it’s not like I am asking for anything special. My bedroom will do just fine, my warm soft bed. I don’t need anything fancy, no airplane, no ship just my bed would be great. That’s right no fancy shmanzee drinks with tiny umbrellas in it, with a band singing red,red, wine in the background.oh no not for this girl.

So maybe I may get lucky and get some tonight 🙂

Not that, I know what you all were thinking,(minds in the gutter) sillies.

So till then, adios amigos


The Sleepless Mommie


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