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Most moms are so worried about educating their kids. I worry about it and help them do things and learn stuff, but some people take it to the extreme. Like no T.V or video games, for those that are forcing their children to do things, that more than likely will never be productive for their child, should be arrested. Some things I am a little more strict over than other things, but I never force my children into mindless useless things that will never help them anyways. Relax parents, I am sure your child will grow up to be a productive citizen. Not everyone’s child is born to be Einstein, and we sure can not force them to be either. Hold them, love them, and comfort them.  The way I look at it is, they are a part of  you why treat yourself like crap.

Anyways, today my nephew has turned  over protective over my youngest son Elijah.  He is mother hen all of a sudden, it’s some else to see.  Actually quite comical to watch him worry about everything Elijah does. For example Elijah (my Infant son) starts to cry, my nephew Jaden is right there by his side. Trying to comfort him, doing little dances to make him laugh.  Jaden tells me, oh Elijah can’t watch certain dinosaurs shows, oh no because he is not old enough and they will scare him. All I could do is laugh, he comes up with some pretty funny stuff. So Jaden has made it his mission to hug him, and watch out for him.  which is great they are more than cousins, they are more like brothers. Ever since I came into guardianship of having my nephew, it’s been pretty interesting to say the least. He has been a great helper and mother hen lol but he teaches Elijah a lot which in turn, teaching himself. Ethan my oldest, is protective but definitely not a mother hen.

His protectiveness is much more grown up, than Jadens mother hen syndrome. I love them all, and they each surprise me everyday, My oldest Ethan is all about cooking all of a sudden. If I am getting ready to cook something, he is right there by my side like a tick. Asking my millions of questions like, how many eggs do you use or how much water goes in. So once a week I let him cook something, by that I mean he mixes the ingredients and I supervise. He is turning into quite a chef, he knows how to scramble eggs, and get a cake started, and make mashed potatoes. With thanksgiving right around the corner I always do it big, so I will be happy to an extra pair of hands to help out. I love holidays, I always get right into it no matter what holiday it is.  Christmas is the biggest for me I absolutely love it. The lights, Music and of course the kids faces, lighting up when its time for presents. We usually put our christmas tree up the night of thanksgiving.

I don’t know why we do it that day, we just always have. I am so excited and I can not wait to get the kids involved with the decorations. I know many of you out there have fond memories of how special christmas is. Everyone has their own set of family traditions passed on. I know not everyone celebrates christmas,  I just refuse to say happy holidays it so in personal to me. I cannot stand how so many people have tried to suck all the fun out christmas. I am going to try to make this year extra special since everyone in this house has been through so much this past year. Nothing like some christmas cheer to brighten up your day. Anyways I think this will end my post for the day.But I’ll be back again tomorrow to share some more with everyone.

~Till then See you later, Alligator


The sleepless Mommie


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