Tears and Fears

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Have you ever noticed that when it comes to kids they all seem to chime in together. By chiming in I mean when one cries the others seem to follow suit. Its almost like they are crying because the other child is crying. They have absolutely no reason to cry its just seems like the thing to do. So when this happens I just start laughing really loud and harmonizing in with the crying. You will be surprised it works, almost instantly they stop crying. (Unless they are hurt, then you need to shower them with kisses for their booboos). Some will even start to laugh right along with you. The others just stop and stare at you like your crazy. at this point you
start to notice everybody’s laughing and no more tears are being shed. Just try it one time, you shall see its more funny than anything. If your child or grandchild starts to cry just start laughing and watch the expression on their faces its so hilarious.
they will give you the “deer caught in headlights” look.

 Those are times I try to squeeze a picture in, so that way later on when they are grown up. The pictures can be flashed to friends or girlfriends/boyfriends. Those are just some priceless moments that once they are gone they are gone. So enjoy every moment you have with the little ones, because time flies. Before you know it they are acting too grown for their own good. Using words that make no sense and being too cool for you. Well today while cleaning up the house, Elijah discovered a new enemy today. You may be wondering what kind of infant has an enemy that makes no sense. Soon you will understand exactly what I am talking about. “Oh” he sure does not like this enemy, and his enemy goes by the name of Vacuum cleaner. Yes thats right the vacuum cleaner, He can not stand that sound of it. As soon as I turn it on he instantly freaks out. So Hopefully by next year we can turn them into friendemes so that way I wont feel so bad everytime I go to clean.

 Jaden is deathly afraid of dogs, we don’t know why. Nothing seems to work, he is even afraid of puppies which is weird because all kids love animals. Not this kid, I don’t know what happened along the lines with him.  He has never been bitten or attacked by a dog or any animal. As soon as someone even says the word dog he freaks out. We are trying to help him with his fear hopefully he will overcome it. We all have some sort of fear that we can’t seem to let go of.  I know my greatest fear is spiders. Those things scare the death out of me I don’t know why, but they do.

Just like some people are scared of snakes that’s how I feel about spiders. My oldest son Ethan’s biggest fear is the dark he is eleven and still has this fear. So what I’ve done for him in the past a recently has been, glow sticks, and the sticker stars for the ceilings so that he wouldn’t be so afraid.  It is a cheap inexpensive way to have a little fun with the dark. Nightlights didn’t really seem to work for him so I had to make it fun. We are slowly kicking the fear, now all I have to do is figure out a way to kick jaden’s. Anyways, today Jaden is going on and on about  these ants on a log. For those who do not know what ants on a log are, it’s a snack that is addicting to kids. Not in a bad way cause it’s totally good for you, all it consist of is celery, peanut butter and raisins. You just spread the peanut butter on the celery, and put the raisins on top, it is supposed to resemble ants. These kids love it, some of you already know about it but if you did not, you know now 🙂 give it a try. So today I am going to be careful with the vacuum cleaner, and talking about dogs.  I’ve got the glow sticks ready for tonight. I can’t promise much about the spiders though lol. My oldest has off school today so I think we will spend the day cooking, maybe make a cake. Until next time friends.  🙂

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