Oh Boy! He Gots The Fits

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When it comes to kids they always seem to surprise you. Just when you think you have them figured out they do something to make you say, ugh? where in the world do they come up with some of the things they say. Sometimes I have to ask my nephew (Jaden)to repeat what he said cause sometimes its just so un-believe-able. He is four years old going on twenty, he seems think he  knows everything. I you say the sky is a pretty blue out today, he will say ummm, I think it looks green today. Sometimes this ensues with a pretty bad temper if you try to disagree with him. So I try to flip the script on him and say, “why do you think the sky is green” The stuff he comes up with is hilarious, example: well its green because there’s seaweed floating up there. these times are the fun times. There is also a not so fun side too that likes to come out. Where trying to tell him things that you know and he doesn’t want to hear it. Then this is when the fits come in, man do I hate those. The fits are when your child does not get their way so they throw a temper tantrum and do things like scream at you, or try to hit you. Some kids from what I’ve heard other parents say, throw themselves on to the ground during these temper tantrums. Which is not good at all because they end up hurting themselves, No Bueno.

A lot of parents believe in spankings and a lot in yelling, me I am more of a timeout in the corner person myself.  Hitting a child never helps it only makes them more defiant and angry. screaming at a child only makes them not like you, and hurts them on the inside. Timeout is good because it gives them time to think about what they had done and makes them not want to do it again. It works the best I do not believe in hitting kids, and I try not to scream at them. Although sometimes they can push your buttons to the point where you think you will, or you’re about to. Nope not me I simple say “go to timeout”. He eventually calms down and when he does his attitude changes drastically, all the sudden he turns very polite and even apologizes.

The timeout has been working great, for him he knows now if he does something that he is not supposed to do. Like hit, spit, or scream at someone there are consequences. Nothing is worse for a kid than having to stay still. Kids absolutely hate sitting still for long periods of time. I never really try to tell parents what to do with their own kids, but the time out works. The best part is nobody gets hurts and they even get a chance to learn from their mistakes. I  am a big believer in hugs nothing more better than getting a loving hug from your mom or dad. Sometimes kids just act out so badly because they are in need of your attention.
I try to spend time with each of the kids here and there throughout the day so that way they do not feel left out. I remember when I was a kid and I used to get beatings, and the sad part is when I think of my parents,that’s a lot of what I think about. I don’t want my children to remember me that way, and I don’t want to do it, it’s wrong.

Sure there beatings worked they had me scared alright scared of them which isn’t cool. So if you don’t already do timeout just try it and see what happens. I have seen a big difference in my nephew since we started time-out when he acts out really bad. My older son doesn’t do any of the things Jaden does because I raised him with the time-out. With Ethan my oldest son all I have to do is asks and he does it. Unfortunately me and Jaden are starting from scratch, because the way he was being raised before was not right.
He has been through a lot in his little life, I am just glad i was able to get the guardianship of him. He is a work in progress and with time and patience he will turn out good. So please be patient with your kids, try to figure out why they are acting the way they are. If they are not opening up to tell you, just be patient eventually they will open up.

Kids are tricky if they feel that they can’t trust you then they will try to keep everything bottled up inside. Until one day it explodes and your left looking half crazy cause you do not know what has happened. Just like adults kids need to feel like their trust is earned. Spanking them, and yelling at them will drive then into another direction that you don’t want. An occasional hug or I love you goes along way. some parents are too tied up in their daily life that they not knowing forget about their kids. Just try to make sure you spend some time with them even if its only an hour that’s an hour they will never forget. After all they are a part of you.

My Three words for today are: Kindness, Patience, and Love.

Until next time friends


The sleepless mommie


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