Food Fight

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Well it seems like me and my significant other are always at a food war. I prepare us meals every night which is something that I love to do,  (cooking my second calling lol) . But I am a picky person, I have this issue where I can not eat the same thing twice in one week. I know it sounds ridiculous but I love food, and I like to come up with new different recipes to keep me away from the same old same old. My other half is not a picky eater he could care less as long as it tastes good. The problem is we are always bickering about what to eat for dinner, I don’t know if any of you have been in this situation, but it can be very irritating.  So Between taking care of three kids and doing all the side projects I got going on, my food recipe maker is off lately. So I have been leaving it up to him to think of food ideas. Majority of the time he wants fast food, I am not really a fast food eater I prefer home cooking. Plus a lot of fast food is not healthy and I don’t want my kids becoming another statistic.

After bickering and bickering over “what’s for dinner” we just decided to get the kids opinions. At first they did what any kid would do in this situation ask for desserts. I said whelp I am getting rid of that word dessert which drives me almost as crazy as the snack word. Their second choice was fast food. I was like dang it, didn’t I teach you kids anything about healthy eating. Well apparently they really did not know much about healthy eating at all like I thought they did. I was confused, I had thought all this time that I had taught them this important fact. Also for some reason I thought in health class in my eldest sons school, had taught him at least the food pyramid. He claims they did not but I think they did he just did not pay attention to the class lol. So that night I decided that’s it we are going to learn healthy eating and that’s, that. So we started looking up different recipes for healthy eating online to see what we could come up with. I asked them what kind of fruits do you like they came up with several different choices. Then I asked what kind of vegetables did they like, you would have thought I killed them just by saying vegetables. I told them well I cook vegetables for you guys every night. They each said ( just the two because the one isn’t old enough to talk) we really don’t like them, we just eat it because you make it. At first I was upset a little but then thought back  to when I was a kid. I really did not like to eat veggies either. I just did because I didn’t want to upset my mom. So from this point on I decided you know what I am going to learn how to cook healthy for all of us.

I am the victim of southern cooking that’s all I’ve ever known. Raised by older folks they handed down their recipes to me. I always thought that was the best way to cook. So I didn’t realize that the stuff I had been cooking for my family was not healthy, not even in the least bit.  Me and the kids found a whole bunch of healthy food recipes, and a lot were pretty cool looking. So the bickering for what’s for dinner has not been to much of an issue. We are agreeing more on the right types of foods to eat. I hope by me cooking healthy food for my kids it will stick with them once they are grown. Instead of passing on greasy unhealthy meals, I hope that they pass on to their children the importance of healthy eating. Here I was worried about my kids becoming another statistic and in a way they were, from the way I used to cook. Thanks for reading friends, til next time get some healthy food.  🙂


The Sleepless Mommie


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