I Dont Want A Shot

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Today while talking with a few people, a subject came up about flu shots. Now I have always gotten my flu shot, and any other shot that was recommended to me by a doctor. The same goes for my kids, if the doctor told me to get them vaccinated I listened. A lot of people that were talking about it said and I quote “I am not getting a flu shot this year its dangerous”. My question was why is it dangerous? I understand the reasons for why many people do not due to religious beliefs. These particular people did not have religious beliefs that prohibited them, so why not get it. They exclaimed that something they heard from a few others about it not being safe this year, and that was why they were not doing it. Okay I understand some people are scared of the unknown, but to jump off a cliff just because someone told them to is stupid. So why believe what others are telling you especially if you do not even know if it’s true or not. When the conversation was over it got me doubting myself on whether or not to get my shots or to get my kids vaccinated. So I then decided to look on the internet to see what all the fuss was about, being that I was concerned for my kids.

This is what I came across not word for word but accurate to the point. About 1 in 4 parents is concerned that vaccine ingredients are unsafe. About 77% of parents had at least one concern about immunizing their children. The top worries were the pain involved with receiving vaccines and the number of immunizations administered in a single office visit and in a child’s first two years. About 1 in 4 parents is concerned that vaccine ingredients are unsafe. Immunization concerns were more common among parents whose children received some of the suggested vaccines than in parents whose children got all of the immunizations. Parents said they received vaccine information from pediatricians, relatives, friends and the Internet. More concerns include short-term vaccine side effects such as fever and the possibility of a link between immunizations and autism. Numerous studies have rejected any association between autism and vaccines. Which I heard from a few parents trying to explain that vaccines cause autism and or down syndrome. I really doubt that, some peoples minds tend to exaggerate.

How strange I thought to myself, I guess I really never gave it much thought. I always just trusted what my doctor said to me. At the same token a lot of what these other parents were talking about was just “hear say”. All it takes is one person to start talking nonsense and then it spreads like wildfire. I have had shots for 30 years now including at birth, and I have never had a problem or issue. No offense I love the internet as much as anybody else, but some of this stuff that is supposed to educate people on things is not quite true. A lot is a bunch of propaganda or what I like to call brainwashing material. Some of it is true and can help educate you. So Like I told the parents that said they were not getting the flu shot this year.  I said, “you have to take what you read with a grain of salt”. Ultimately it’s going to come down to choice, nobody can make you get a shot for any vaccine. I will say this though, I had the flu it but it was many years ago before I was a teenager, and I tell you what it was horrible. It was so horrible that after that episode I have gotten my vaccine for it ever since. Guess what I still have yet to get the flu since then. So obviously the shot must be doing something to help. Its funny because when diseases or viruses come out and there are not shots for them everyone is in panic mode.

A doctor said this in a comment I read which, I feel like I should share with you. “In the past that was usually overridden by fear of the disease/Virus itself. Take the polio vaccine, for instance. When it was first tested, families lined up for the trials. These were people who had no idea if the vaccine itself would cause polio. They didn’t even know if they’d receive a vaccine or a placebo. But they were so terrified of polio that they were willing to try anything. Ordinary people were also willing to pay for the development of the vaccine. That’s what got the March of Dimes started; it was an effort to pay for the research privately since the government wasn’t willing to fund it with public money. The point is that when people are terrified of a disease/Virus, they are far more willing to take risks”. So I asked a parent, if your child was dying and the doctor told you, we have a shot that can cure your child, but there maybe a slight side effect. Would you then give your child a vaccine shot. The person said, well yes if it was to save the child’s life, then yes I would. So my point is why would it have to take your child being close to death for you to agree with the vaccine shot. The response was this, ” because I would do anything to keep my child from dying”. Interesting, Well I do believe that everyone should have a choice whether or not to get a vaccine shot, but why take a chance by not getting one. Studies have proven that  people are more than likely to die from not getting the shot to prevent the virus, rather than getting a vaccine to prevent the virus. Either way for whatever your reason maybe for being against it or for it, it still your decision just please don’t let others make it for you. til next time friends thanks for reading.


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