Lies And Secrets With A Splash Of Fake

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Lying: Definitionthe ability to use the least amount of information (from the given truth), bend it to your will, add some bullsh*t to it, and add a dash of charm/reality-distortion field, while slowly changing the topic Some people have a problem with telling the truth. They always fabricate stories and tell lies to get ahead or to keep relationships together. These people tell so many lies that they start to actually believed it happened when in fact it never did.They master the lying like fine art, when asked a question they are able to look at another with a straight face and lie flat out. The bad part is people fall into their web of lies fast and very easily. By the time they figure out that they were part of a lie it’s already too late.The worse is when people start a relationship and the liar continues to sleep around on their significant other. Having children knowing that the children could or could not be with the person that they live with and supposively love is total disrespect towards the children and the supposed father. This is very selfish and ignorant because now children have been involved and they only know one type of life. It takes a terrible person to do something like that to another human being. By the time the person figures out that their children may not be theirs its too late because a relationship had already been established. Other liars are the types that seem to have done it all so to speak. The ones, that no matter what you say, they know how to do it and have done it. Prime example, Bob says, hey Todd, I see that you are a welder. I too have welded in the past, all the while Bob knows he has never ever welded a day in his life. So why lie because these sick fu*ks get their jollies off doing it. I’ve seen people actually go to lengths of lying by also getting others wrapped up into it and then getting them to confirm the lie, so that doubt and suspicion with be out the window.These lies seem to take on another life of themselves so many get said by the liar that the liar now believes his or her own lies. Nobody really knows who these people really are and they do not know who they are either. They get so wrapped up in this fictional world they built up for others that lying has now become second second nature to them. Its so scary how people become so comfortable lying to anyone at anytime. Which lies also lead to secrets a pandora box that does not need to be open or even concocted in the first place.

Secrets the DefinitionSomething you tell to a small number of people in hopes it will stay that way, in reality it is all for naught, everyone is going to know by tomorrow anyway. I heard it from him, who was told by her who said she heard it from… but don’t tell, it’s a secret! Now A master liar is also a master at keeping secrets, because they know how to manipulate a person into not telling the secret. Secrets can be a regular non harmful one like, having a crush on someone and keeping the secret between you, yourself, and I. Secrets can also be dangerous just as dangerous as lying. If a liar has intrusted a certain person with a certain secret than the unexpecting person can end up looking like the fool once the secret is exposed usually from a fellow liar. Once the liars secret gets out, the poor fool that believe the liar can become a figure of ridicule and embarrassment. Unfortunately the person has put so much trust into the unsuspected liar, that they feel the ultimate betrayal once the secret is exposed as a lie. The victim becomes shelled in after such and incident happens, and is very highly unlikely to trust people further in life. The dark side of secrets can destroy peoples lives and harm them emotionally. Just think about it if you found out a secret from a person you loved and trusted was being kept from you for years, would you not feel betrayed? Especially If everyone else knew but you, it would be extremely hard for you to trust anyone else right? The sickening feeling of not really knowing who the person you loved and devoted yourself to, is actually not the person you thought. Not to mention the embarrassment and anger that builds up inside the unsuspecting victim. We all tell little white lies and keep little secrets when we are small children. There is a big difference between a little white lie and a dark big lie, though they both are not good to do. People seem to do it anyways knowing that someone is bound to get hurt. It takes a special person to graduate from telling little white lies to big dark lies. These people typically do not have a conscious and are only looking out for themselves. Alot of these people get a thrill off of lying and making people believe believe that they are who they really are not. Once that secret opens up it is very dangerous, like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode as soon as someone pushes the right buttons. This then brings me into the last part of this post, fake secretive liars.

Fake definition: Someone who acts fake is someone who talks sh*t about a certain person, and then when that certain person is around they are nice to them. Becky- I love how last night Tiffany And Devonann were talking shit about Rachel, and now they are over their hugging her and laughing with her. Stevie- Yeha poor Rachel doesn’t know that those bitches are totally fake to her. Being a fake secretive liar is the all time low of the low. These people are just pure evil and wrong. They do not care about others in any type of way at all. They would be the type of people who would smile in your face and as soon as you turn shoot you in the back of the head. They definitely are very self absorbed individuals and its taking years of practice to perfect this sicken act. An example i am going to use is from the show pretty little liars. Big sis Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) finally returned to Rosewood this week, and like always, she brought along a nasty little secret. She’d been faking her pregnancy for months! The hospital where she claimed to have been treated during her miscarriage had no records of her visit, and worse yet, their mom was in on the secret. We’re not sure exactly how long Melissa pretended to be with child, but when we do, I have “A” feeling she’ll look a whole lot more suspicious. Yes things like this really do happen in everyday life although pretty little liars is only T.V only entertainment, but people really do live these types of lives. I guess thats why soap operas are so entertaining and people are always intrigued by them. Fake people are the types that are always trying to fit in. So by fitting in they concoct secretive lies, which could turn into nasty rumors. If they decided to take their fakeness and elevate it to a liar backed with a bunch of secrets then the results can be catastrophic called the (Fake Secretive Liar). I do believe that the internet has paved the way for a new breed of these people because they can hide behind a screen. The sick part is these people actually get away with it, somehow some way they are always on top. As fake as the smiles and plastic boobs they have is about as fake as their friendship is with you. We can not always point these types of people out but it would be best to keep a wary eye out and if someone tells you something is not right about the person, take a second look. You never know the person who you thought you knew may indeed be someone you never even met.
Unit next time friends this is the sleepless mommie saying adu and thanks for reading.


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