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A Geodesic Home with siding on it.



So lately me and my better half have been talking about building a home. Understanding that it costs quite a bit to get started considering you must have zoning and building permits. Without trying to completely stress each other out about it we decided to look into in to different more cost-effective ways to build our home. Working budget I already knew that once we get into this project that it was going to be costly but we are determined to build a home for less than 60,000. That’s when we came across the geodesic homes at first I was like no way would I live in a bubble. After watching a video and reading some floor plans my mind changed. The homes were actually quite beautiful once modernized. Many of the ones I saw were dated back in the 70’s and I think that is why I was so turned off to the idea at first.  Such amazing ideas can be brought together by adding additional rooms or taking away things even rotating rooms around switches the whole design up. We looked at a few companies that offer Dome Home Kits. Each company offered different designs and pricing. We also looking into maybe just building it all on our own to cut shipping costs out. Either way is good but one is more of a faster way and the other is more cheaper, so we have to weigh the options out and its hard to.


On one hand we were offered an option to buy the whole framing kit but the kit did not come with the skylights/windows or the drywall for the house which would end up costing us more money. On the other hand we are already construction savoy and have been into the building industry for a while and plus we had family members that were into it too. Now The kit that we picked out was in the price range of 35.000 U.S dollars which wasn’t bad but it did not come with the windows or doors or drywall. This kit did though come with pre cut studs, risers, pre drilled plywood. and fasteners and bolts so putting this together would be fast and easy. Going to the building supply store and purchasing all of these materials and then cutting each individual piece and then purchasing  everything was cheaper around 30,000 and that was with the doors and skylights. This way would be more cheaper but much more time-consuming which we didn’t know if we were ready to wait two years to get it complete estimated especially if we did everything with just the two of us. Just thinking about which way to go was starting to stress us out. So we finally came to a decision to just go ahead and order a kit and just get family members to help us with the assembly of the plumbing and electric. As much as I love saving a dollar or two I’d much rather get into my house within a year opposed to two to three years later. Now it was time to pick which company to buy from which too was a hard decision because there are so many out there. Although they all offer a bit of unique class to each home and a lot of different floor plans to choose from. We decided to go with Timberline Geodesic Domes ( which you can see their page by clicking on the link). They offered a kit that was specific to our needs but we were very concerned with it looking modern. I definitely did not want to live in a seventies globe, yikes!


A Lovely Geodesic home, not ours but we would love it to look something like this.


So we decided on the company and the plans now we just need to figure out the cosmetic look. With so many different things to choose from again we were at a standstill, I mean things like this takes time you just can not pick any old thing and go with it. After all we are planning on living in this home for many, many years and I would hate to be unhappy with something. Especially if you have to look at it every single day of your life trust it could break a relationship. We didn’t want that so on a piece of paper we wrote up several things that we would love to have in the house and colors, and this list was a long one lol. After reading over the list checking  and unchecking items agreeing and not agreeing on things. We finally came to a common list one that we would both be happy with. Much to our surprise we had more in common that I thought we would somethings he chose I would have never thought of a visa versa. So now that we had everything in place and our dream was brewing. It was time to start looking into permits and zoning for the town. With much to our surprise it was quite easy because these Domes are considered really safe, hopefully inspections would be a breeze, but that was in the near future after the building has taking place.  So being that our family was a family of four we chose a three bedroom house with two bathrooms. Also chose to do a detached garage and a wrap around deck a must for my man. Here are some of the plans that we went through to give you an idea and maybe some thoughts of your own.

First floor plan
Second floor plans with skylights


A big plus for us besides the cost of these homes is that it is so energy-efficient and no worries about windows being low, the skylights add warmth and light. At to second floor with our master bedroom we decided to make the walls most up of windows and to do a claw footed tub in the bathroom with separate shower. The roundness of the dome gives such an open feeling more than a traditional square house. To me I just can’t see me and my family living in a traditional home anymore I want the feeling of open air and not the feeling of confinement. We had went along with the idea of trying to make everything round in the house, Staircase, cabinets, top of doorways and entrances, tubs, sinks even the beds. Our excitement grows each day as my continue with our plans to get our house built. Until than which I will be coming back to post pictures once we get the house started I leave you all with some more photos to look at. Thanks for reading wish us luck and we wish you great luck and success i your endeavours.


The Sleepless Mommie              (below are just some picture ideas we were going through in what design to go with)

Another beautiful home


Inside a home


Inside another home
The wood look


Inside bar

A different design
stair case















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