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Bat Shit Crazy
Bat Sh*t Crazy


Sorry to all my followers it has been a few months since, I have written anything. Which leads me to this post.


Life can be confusing and sometimes difficult but we still try to push on and forward towards better horizons. A few months ago I finally got my properties lined up to start  going through the legal mumbo jumbo. My kids were going through all kinds of stuff the youngest Elijah is teething, the middle one Jaden is still going through a battle of back and forth pull between me and his mother. The Oldest has been battling Mrsa and that has been something else. Trying to run a household of five and manage to still keep money flow going and about to be a first time home buyer. Yes stress doesn’t even cover it, sometimes I literally feel like I am going crazy. If you are a parent i am sure you understand what I am talking about. Everyone thinks a stay at home mom is easy work….. To those that think that you my friend are a pompous ass. Being a stay at home mom is hard work! I commend any mother that has the balls to do such. Technically I have four kids because my fiance is literally a big kid as well.  I am doing it all and still manage to walk around with a smile upon my face. A friend of mine told me the other day, “I do not know how in the hell you do it”. I for one would love to have a regular nine to five job but unfortunately at the this time in my life we can not afford to do so. We calculated Daycare cost and wow! Can we say hell no. For three children it would cost us $400.00 a week there is no way we could do it. I would be working for free literally my whole check and half my mans check would go towards daycare costs. Between the high gas prices and food, “which by the way has gone up in price as well”. We are scraping and saving and it was a miracle that we were able to get these properties. We had to change our entire life style around. I can’t even remember what  it feels like to go to a salon to get my hair and nails done its been so long. We all have made sacrifices but for a better way of life we live in a tiny home at the moment if someone farts we all hear and smell it that’s how close we are. It’s that bad, but we are making it no matter what we always find a way.


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Some people say, “well you wouldn’t have to live that way, if you didn’t have so many kids”. First off to the jerks and asses that think that small minded and not to mention selfish. You Sir and or Mam’ need to take a long look in the mirror because God doesn’t like ugly. My kids are my life and honestly I rather be scraping and saving, rather to live a life of emptiness and full of no promise. Sure if you are the type that doesn’t like kids that’s cool that’s you but don’t categorize other’s just because they have children. I had children because I wanted to. I adopted my nephew because I wanted to and not to mention it was the right thing to do. Only a parent will understand the lengths one will go to keep their child safe. I am definitely one of “those”, I will go to the ends of the earth to make sure my children never want for anything. I love it although sometimes they drive me nuts there is no where else I’d rather be. So back to my title crazy, maybe lol. Yes crazy I am but stupid I am not, I so many different adventures going on in my life well one is this blog that you are currently reading now lol. Others involve a hat business and a new and used baby shop that I hope to have open in a year or two so I am so but surely building my empire (Muhahahahahaha) Sike! lol I am not an evil master mind. I am just a mom who is trying to the freaking impossible like many others out there. So who knows you may see my name up in big blinking lights one of these days never know 😉 I just live my life one step at a time so that way I do not completely lose it. I definitely do not want to be stuck in a padded room with a snug white jacket that’s for sure. Will I stop having  children I don’t know yet who’s to say I may have another or I may wise up and get my tubes tied either way my man doesn’t pressure me in any direction. I will promise that I will not be octomom and pop out five more but I might squeeze in one more. That is I don’t lose it before then lol.

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Being a parent is good, bad, and fun we all have our awesome moments and we have our bad times and even sometimes in between. We stick together and that is what families do or at least that is how I was raised. So to occupy my crazy self,  I type on this blog for all you other crazy people to read and maybe laugh or relate. So I you are not yet a parent and are going to be soon do not be scared or worried just know that you will have a life  long bond with someone created by you and God. Helping mold and shape a child into the person that they will be is an awesome feeling. Later when you’re old you get to sit back and see the masterpiece you created and smile knowing you did good. Do  not get me wrong there will be bumps and holes along the way but you are the concrete that can keep in together. Sure over the years the concrete may need to be refilled and smoothed, but it will be worth it. As for now just try to do like I do and take some deep breaths, run a hot bubble bath sip on some tea and relax. ( Just not in that order lol, I do not recommend anyone drinking tea while taking a bath). I have even found doing some Pilates helps as well or a brisk jog. Nothing like a good job to work out all your frustrations. I have even found baking therapeutic but that’s just me there are so many different ways to not go “crazy”. Your way may be different from mine and that’s cool just find what it is and use it lol.


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So in the midst of not going absolutely crazy and being ask millions of questions daily. I feel the need to clean and clean like no other the whole bit. Dusting, mopping, vacuuming every crack in every corner lol. Do you ever get like that, sometimes just get into a major feeling, an urge to clean or to something creative. I have incorporated some crafts into this why well because it just felt like a thing to do. Well something’s you can do with your child(ren). Sorry people I am just a crafty person plus when it involves my kids having a bit of fun at the same time, well hell its worth a try. I post pictures of the crafts on here just typing it right now seems like too much work lol. Sorry people I am being lazy I know but you can get a visual picture instead of just words. So I am about to hit my relaxing down time. Gonna fill up my tub and chill maybe turn on Pandora while I’m soaking. Yes i am cheap lol I use Pandora too lol. Anyways try to stay calm, find and outlet or take a vacation. Just try not to go crazy we all have a little bit of craziness inside lets just try not to release it. Kids will be kids and unless you are a freaking robot no one is perfect so relax and enjoy cause life is good. Till next time friends hopefully I wont wait so long to write another page. Love ya!!!

Oh and the pictures of the crafts are copyrighted for I do not own the pictures and I will provide the website in the caption of each photo so that you and check them out for yourself 🙂


The Sleepless Mommie


(Pictures Down Below)

Picture is made by and can be found at.
Picture is made by and can be found at.

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