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Crazy, Maybe

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Bat Shit Crazy
Bat Sh*t Crazy


Sorry to all my followers it has been a few months since, I have written anything. Which leads me to this post.


Life can be confusing and sometimes difficult but we still try to push on and forward towards better horizons. A few months ago I finally got my properties lined up to start  going through the legal mumbo jumbo. My kids were going through all kinds of stuff the youngest Elijah is teething, the middle one Jaden is still going through a battle of back and forth pull between me and his mother. The Oldest has been battling Mrsa and that has been something else. Trying to run a household of five and manage to still keep money flow going and about to be a first time home buyer. Yes stress doesn’t even cover it, sometimes I literally feel like I am going crazy. If you are a parent i am sure you understand what I am talking about. Everyone thinks a stay at home mom is easy work….. To those that think that you my friend are a pompous ass. Being a stay at home mom is hard work! I commend any mother that has the balls to do such. Technically I have four kids because my fiance is literally a big kid as well.  I am doing it all and still manage to walk around with a smile upon my face. A friend of mine told me the other day, “I do not know how in the hell you do it”. I for one would love to have a regular nine to five job but unfortunately at the this time in my life we can not afford to do so. We calculated Daycare cost and wow! Can we say hell no. For three children it would cost us $400.00 a week there is no way we could do it. I would be working for free literally my whole check and half my mans check would go towards daycare costs. Between the high gas prices and food, “which by the way has gone up in price as well”. We are scraping and saving and it was a miracle that we were able to get these properties. We had to change our entire life style around. I can’t even remember what  it feels like to go to a salon to get my hair and nails done its been so long. We all have made sacrifices but for a better way of life we live in a tiny home at the moment if someone farts we all hear and smell it that’s how close we are. It’s that bad, but we are making it no matter what we always find a way.


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Some people say, “well you wouldn’t have to live that way, if you didn’t have so many kids”. First off to the jerks and asses that think that small minded and not to mention selfish. You Sir and or Mam’ need to take a long look in the mirror because God doesn’t like ugly. My kids are my life and honestly I rather be scraping and saving, rather to live a life of emptiness and full of no promise. Sure if you are the type that doesn’t like kids that’s cool that’s you but don’t categorize other’s just because they have children. I had children because I wanted to. I adopted my nephew because I wanted to and not to mention it was the right thing to do. Only a parent will understand the lengths one will go to keep their child safe. I am definitely one of “those”, I will go to the ends of the earth to make sure my children never want for anything. I love it although sometimes they drive me nuts there is no where else I’d rather be. So back to my title crazy, maybe lol. Yes crazy I am but stupid I am not, I so many different adventures going on in my life well one is this blog that you are currently reading now lol. Others involve a hat business and a new and used baby shop that I hope to have open in a year or two so I am so but surely building my empire (Muhahahahahaha) Sike! lol I am not an evil master mind. I am just a mom who is trying to the freaking impossible like many others out there. So who knows you may see my name up in big blinking lights one of these days never know 😉 I just live my life one step at a time so that way I do not completely lose it. I definitely do not want to be stuck in a padded room with a snug white jacket that’s for sure. Will I stop having  children I don’t know yet who’s to say I may have another or I may wise up and get my tubes tied either way my man doesn’t pressure me in any direction. I will promise that I will not be octomom and pop out five more but I might squeeze in one more. That is I don’t lose it before then lol.

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Being a parent is good, bad, and fun we all have our awesome moments and we have our bad times and even sometimes in between. We stick together and that is what families do or at least that is how I was raised. So to occupy my crazy self,  I type on this blog for all you other crazy people to read and maybe laugh or relate. So I you are not yet a parent and are going to be soon do not be scared or worried just know that you will have a life  long bond with someone created by you and God. Helping mold and shape a child into the person that they will be is an awesome feeling. Later when you’re old you get to sit back and see the masterpiece you created and smile knowing you did good. Do  not get me wrong there will be bumps and holes along the way but you are the concrete that can keep in together. Sure over the years the concrete may need to be refilled and smoothed, but it will be worth it. As for now just try to do like I do and take some deep breaths, run a hot bubble bath sip on some tea and relax. ( Just not in that order lol, I do not recommend anyone drinking tea while taking a bath). I have even found doing some Pilates helps as well or a brisk jog. Nothing like a good job to work out all your frustrations. I have even found baking therapeutic but that’s just me there are so many different ways to not go “crazy”. Your way may be different from mine and that’s cool just find what it is and use it lol.


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So in the midst of not going absolutely crazy and being ask millions of questions daily. I feel the need to clean and clean like no other the whole bit. Dusting, mopping, vacuuming every crack in every corner lol. Do you ever get like that, sometimes just get into a major feeling, an urge to clean or to something creative. I have incorporated some crafts into this why well because it just felt like a thing to do. Well something’s you can do with your child(ren). Sorry people I am just a crafty person plus when it involves my kids having a bit of fun at the same time, well hell its worth a try. I post pictures of the crafts on here just typing it right now seems like too much work lol. Sorry people I am being lazy I know but you can get a visual picture instead of just words. So I am about to hit my relaxing down time. Gonna fill up my tub and chill maybe turn on Pandora while I’m soaking. Yes i am cheap lol I use Pandora too lol. Anyways try to stay calm, find and outlet or take a vacation. Just try not to go crazy we all have a little bit of craziness inside lets just try not to release it. Kids will be kids and unless you are a freaking robot no one is perfect so relax and enjoy cause life is good. Till next time friends hopefully I wont wait so long to write another page. Love ya!!!

Oh and the pictures of the crafts are copyrighted for I do not own the pictures and I will provide the website in the caption of each photo so that you and check them out for yourself 🙂


The Sleepless Mommie


(Pictures Down Below)

Picture is made by and can be found at.
Picture is made by and can be found at.

Interracial Marriages

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Beautiful, So happy that we are able today to love who we want no matter what race they are.

P is for Postpartum Depression

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80,000 words


I never thought I would get pregnant.

I had an easy pregnancy. Easier than I thought anyone with high risk factors like I had, could anticipate. No morning sickness. No bloating. I was able to wear my wedding ring until the very last days. My feet stayed the same size throughout. I even went off blood pressure medication and my blood pressure stayed low for almost the entire duration of my pregnancy. I was glowing. I gained weight only in my belly.

Birth was amazing, too. I was induced because my blood pressure climbed in the last three weeks of pregnancy and could not be managed. And so a week after my due date, I checked into the hospital, clutching my yoga ball and a huge bag of snacks for my husband. They started me on cytotec, gave me an Ambien, and I went to sleep (well, I…

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Geodesic Dome For A Home

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Living The Round Life

A Geodesic Home with siding on it.



So lately me and my better half have been talking about building a home. Understanding that it costs quite a bit to get started considering you must have zoning and building permits. Without trying to completely stress each other out about it we decided to look into in to different more cost-effective ways to build our home. Working budget I already knew that once we get into this project that it was going to be costly but we are determined to build a home for less than 60,000. That’s when we came across the geodesic homes at first I was like no way would I live in a bubble. After watching a video and reading some floor plans my mind changed. The homes were actually quite beautiful once modernized. Many of the ones I saw were dated back in the 70’s and I think that is why I was so turned off to the idea at first.  Such amazing ideas can be brought together by adding additional rooms or taking away things even rotating rooms around switches the whole design up. We looked at a few companies that offer Dome Home Kits. Each company offered different designs and pricing. We also looking into maybe just building it all on our own to cut shipping costs out. Either way is good but one is more of a faster way and the other is more cheaper, so we have to weigh the options out and its hard to.


On one hand we were offered an option to buy the whole framing kit but the kit did not come with the skylights/windows or the drywall for the house which would end up costing us more money. On the other hand we are already construction savoy and have been into the building industry for a while and plus we had family members that were into it too. Now The kit that we picked out was in the price range of 35.000 U.S dollars which wasn’t bad but it did not come with the windows or doors or drywall. This kit did though come with pre cut studs, risers, pre drilled plywood. and fasteners and bolts so putting this together would be fast and easy. Going to the building supply store and purchasing all of these materials and then cutting each individual piece and then purchasing  everything was cheaper around 30,000 and that was with the doors and skylights. This way would be more cheaper but much more time-consuming which we didn’t know if we were ready to wait two years to get it complete estimated especially if we did everything with just the two of us. Just thinking about which way to go was starting to stress us out. So we finally came to a decision to just go ahead and order a kit and just get family members to help us with the assembly of the plumbing and electric. As much as I love saving a dollar or two I’d much rather get into my house within a year opposed to two to three years later. Now it was time to pick which company to buy from which too was a hard decision because there are so many out there. Although they all offer a bit of unique class to each home and a lot of different floor plans to choose from. We decided to go with Timberline Geodesic Domes ( which you can see their page by clicking on the link). They offered a kit that was specific to our needs but we were very concerned with it looking modern. I definitely did not want to live in a seventies globe, yikes!


A Lovely Geodesic home, not ours but we would love it to look something like this.


So we decided on the company and the plans now we just need to figure out the cosmetic look. With so many different things to choose from again we were at a standstill, I mean things like this takes time you just can not pick any old thing and go with it. After all we are planning on living in this home for many, many years and I would hate to be unhappy with something. Especially if you have to look at it every single day of your life trust it could break a relationship. We didn’t want that so on a piece of paper we wrote up several things that we would love to have in the house and colors, and this list was a long one lol. After reading over the list checking  and unchecking items agreeing and not agreeing on things. We finally came to a common list one that we would both be happy with. Much to our surprise we had more in common that I thought we would somethings he chose I would have never thought of a visa versa. So now that we had everything in place and our dream was brewing. It was time to start looking into permits and zoning for the town. With much to our surprise it was quite easy because these Domes are considered really safe, hopefully inspections would be a breeze, but that was in the near future after the building has taking place.  So being that our family was a family of four we chose a three bedroom house with two bathrooms. Also chose to do a detached garage and a wrap around deck a must for my man. Here are some of the plans that we went through to give you an idea and maybe some thoughts of your own.

First floor plan
Second floor plans with skylights


A big plus for us besides the cost of these homes is that it is so energy-efficient and no worries about windows being low, the skylights add warmth and light. At to second floor with our master bedroom we decided to make the walls most up of windows and to do a claw footed tub in the bathroom with separate shower. The roundness of the dome gives such an open feeling more than a traditional square house. To me I just can’t see me and my family living in a traditional home anymore I want the feeling of open air and not the feeling of confinement. We had went along with the idea of trying to make everything round in the house, Staircase, cabinets, top of doorways and entrances, tubs, sinks even the beds. Our excitement grows each day as my continue with our plans to get our house built. Until than which I will be coming back to post pictures once we get the house started I leave you all with some more photos to look at. Thanks for reading wish us luck and we wish you great luck and success i your endeavours.


The Sleepless Mommie              (below are just some picture ideas we were going through in what design to go with)

Another beautiful home


Inside a home


Inside another home
The wood look


Inside bar

A different design
stair case















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A discussion came up today about women and why do most of them love to dress the way their man tells them too. Why can;t we as women dictate our own wardrobe?? So this is why I decided to come up with a poll to see what exactly woman do when it comes time to put on an outfit. Not everyone is the same so I cant wait to read the results of my little experiment.


sincerely;  The sleepless Mommie

(Click on one of the check boxes below and hit vote to submit an answer)

Mythology Workshop #4: Creation of the Aivar

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Writing To Be Noticed

For Mythology Workshop #4 over at 13th Floor Paradigm the task is to create a Creation Myth. I have several worlds and fictional races that could use a little mythology to flesh them out, plus I just get a kick out of doing things like this. So I’ll do this as a series of posts.

First up: The Aivar from Pangaea

“Once…we soared.”

Flaxx shifted on his perch as the High Necros began his sermon. He glanced around the Aviary at hundreds of faces gazing in rapt attention. War loomed with the humans, driving his fellow Aivars to flock back into the waiting embrace of the Church. Perches, once half-empty, now groaned under the strain of rediscovered fervor by a frightened populace.

Even soldiers such as he were ordered to attend services.

“The Great Raptor, He who hatched us all, winged through the unformed cosmos, painting the skies with his…

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Citrus Fruits Made Into Candles

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Oranges, Grapefruits, Lemons Oh My


By: nicci richardson


Here is a pretty nifty way to turn your lunch or snack into a candles, as long as it is a citrus fruit it will work.



  • Citrus Fruit (Grapefruit, Lemon, Oranges, Limes)
  • Any Type Of Oil  (Olive, Vegetable, Canola etc.)
  • Knife or pumpkin carver


  1. Remove using the knife or eat the middle of the fruit, making sure you leave the middle stem intact.
  2. When cutting out the meat of the fruit, it is easiest to go from the edges in.
  3. If time allows let fruit dry out for 1-2 hours.
  4. Then fill fruit with your oil to just below the center stem.
  5. You are then ready to light your citrus wick and you will have a fully functioning candle.





So give it a try even go with a lime its an inexpensive way to have sent and light in your home.

Til next time friends,

The Sleepless Mommie

Natives And The Sky Beings

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North American Indians tell many stories about the stars – individual stars and groups of stars. Often in these stories, the stars are referred to as “the People of the Sky World.”




Several different Native American Indians tell stories about the sky being’s coinciding with humans since the beginning of time. Til recently I haven’t really put much thought to the stories until I started thinking about stories that were told to me as a child. Being a native woman myself I figured it was high time I started exploring these stories and see where it goes. Learning from elders and attending pow wow’s was much a part of my upbringing as breathing air. I was told that “When the first white people came to the Northwest, Natives of several tribal nations told them about a great bridge of rocks and earth that once spanned the lower Columbia River. When the bridge fell, they said, the rocks made numerous rapids and little waterfalls in the Columbia, near the present city of Hood River. Now the rocks and rapids are covered by the waters above Bonneville Dam”. 


As more and more stories got told to us  to the more I started to think it was all just some made up things to entertain kids. But this one in particular I want to share  with you.

             download (6)

                                        “The creation of life”

The earth is a great island floating in a sea of water, and suspended at each of the four cardinal points by a cord hanging down from the sky vault, which is of solid rock. When the world grows old and worn out, the people will die and the cords will break and let the earth sink down into the ocean, and all will be water again. The Indians are afraid of this.

When all was water, the animals were above in Galunlati, beyond the arch; bur it was very much crowded, and they were wanting more room. They wondered what was below the water, and at last Dayunisi “Beaver’s Grandchild,” the little Water-beetle, offered to go and see if it could learn. It darted in every direction over the surface of the water, bur could find no firm place to rest. Then it dived to the bottom and came Up with some soft mud, which began to grow and spread on every side until it became the island which we call the earth. It was afterward fastened to the sky with four cords, but no one remembers who did this.

At first the earth was flat and very soft and wet. The animals were anxious to get down, and sent out different birds to see if it was yet dry, but they found no place to alight and came back again to Galunlati. At last it seemed to be time,
and they sent out the Buzzard and told him to go and make ready for them. This was the Great Buzzard, the father of all the buzzards we see now. He flew all over the earth, low down near the ground, and it was still soft. When he reached the Cherokee country, he was very tired, and his wings began to flap and strike the ground, and wherever they struck the earth there was a valley, and where they turned up again there was a mountain. When the animals above saw this, they were afraid that the whole world would be mountains, so they called him back, but the Cherokee country remains full of mountains to this day

When the earth was dry and the animals came down, it was still dark, so they got the Sun and set it in a track to go every day across the island from east to west, just overhead. It was too hot this way and Tsiskagili, the Red Crawfish, had his shell scorched a bright red, so that his meat was spoiled; and the Cherokee do nor eat it. The conjurers put the sun another hand breadth higher in the air, but it was still too hot. They raised it another time, and another, until it was seven hand breadths high and just under the sky arch. Then it was right, and they left it so. That is why the conjurers call the highest place Gulkwagine Digalunlatiyun, “the seventh height,” because it is seven hand-breadths above this arch, and returns at night on the upper side to the starting place.

There is another world under this, and it is like ours in everything, animals, plants, and people, save that the seasons are different. The streams that come down from the mountains are the trails by which we reach this underworld, and the springs at their heads are the doorways by which we enter it, but to do this one must fast and go to water and have one of the underground people for a guide. We know that the seasons in the underworld are different from ours, because the water in the springs is always warmer in winter and cooler in summer than the outer air. When the animals and plants were first made, we do not know by whom, they were told to watch and keep awake for seven nights, just as young men now fast and keep awake when they pray to their medicine. They tried to do this, and nearly all were awake through the first night, but the next night several dropped off to sleep, and the third night others were asleep, and then others, until, on the seventh night, of all the animals only the owl, the panther, and one or two more were still awake. To these were given the power to see and go about in the dark and to make prey of the birds and animals which must sleep at night. Of the trees only the cedar, the pine, the spruce, the holly, and the laurel were awake to the end, and to them it was given to be always green and to be greatest for medicine, but to the others it was said: “Because you have not endured to the end you shall lose your hair every winter. “Men came after the animals and plants. At first there were only a brother and sister until he struck her with a fish and told her to multiply, and so it was. In seven days a child was born to her, and thereafter every seven days another, and they increased very fast until there was danger that the world could not keep them. Then it was made that a woman should have only one child in a year, and it has been so ever since.

A different way of thinking but pretty awesome to think about, once I started digging around more about the star beings a family member of mine, a medicine man brought it to my attention one night while looking up at the stars. He said that we were all created brought here by the sky beings and to this day they still watch over us making sure we are on the right paths. He talked about our ancestors and the treaty they made with the star beings and how we are supposed to pass this knowledge down to our children and our childrens children. I laughed and said to him you know when I was younger I did always feel as though I was not from this planet and he smiled and shook his head, “children know the best”, he said.  He believes that indigenous peoples share a rare alien blood line that happened after we were made and some of the sky beings decided to take some of the women as wives and had children with them. These children were called star children and many of those children that were born still have living family members today. So after talking with him I started to make different diaries about things in the sky, example: position of the galaxies and the positions of the planets. I even waited outside looking up through my telescope in hope of seeing something nobody else has seen. With no success but I still go out to look up at the sky in hopes that I do. It could just of had been my imagination but I definitely believe I saw something maybe something I was not supposed to see. Which brings me to my next rant which I am sharing from of another site I ran into while looking around about the topic, by : which can be read from this site as well.

images (12)
What do the Cherokee say about these sky beings? The following quote describing “Moon People” (another Cherokee name for “The Little People”) implied they were not originally from Earth. The Cherokee Native Indians tell that when they first came to the southeastern United States, they found many well-tended gardens but not the people who cared for them.  Eventually, they discovered a group of people who lived underground and came out only at night to tend the gardens.  They harvested the food and took it underground to their cities.  These people were small, had blue skin and large black eyes.  The sun rays were too harsh for them so they built their cities underground and only came out at night using the light of the moon.  The Cherokee called them the “Moon People.”.  The other Little People had come from a different source because they had reddish whiskers and they squinted their eyes as if the sun hurt their eyes. The Cherokee said they killed the red whiskered ones.  The Cherokee said they cleaned them out.  I don’t know why, but the Cherokee didn’t like them from the beginning.  They didn’t like the looks of them because they weren’t like us. Unlike the Cherokee, the Moon-Eyed People are bearded and have pale, white skin. The Cherokee knew the Moon-Eyed people primarily from the many remains they left behind…the mounds and low stone walls that can be found throughout the southern Appalachians. The most famous is just over the North Carolina border in Georgia at Fort Mountain. Now a state park, Fort Mountain gets its name from the 850 foot long stone wall that varies in height from two to six feet and stretches along the top of the ridge.




Which can also be seen here at this link below:)



The remains of the 855-foot stone wall that gives Fort Mountain its name wind like a snake around the northeast Georgia park, and its very presence begs a question: Who put them there? A Cherokee story attributes the wall to a mysterious band of “moon-eyed people” led by a Welsh prince named Madoc who appeared in the area more than 300 years before Columbus sailed to America. A plaque at the wall says matter-of-factly it was built by Madoc and his Welsh followers, but professional archeologists give no credence to the legend. “There has been no archaeological evidence to back up stories that either this Welsh prince or any others came to explore the New World,” said Jared Wood, the manager of the archaeology lab at the University of Georgia. As the legend goes, the group arrived at Mobile Bay around 1170, made their way up the Alabama and Coosa rivers and built stone fortifications at several spots near present-day Chattanooga, Tenn. Dana Olson, an author who has spent decades trying to prove the legend, said circumstantial evidence on both sides of the Atlantic is too compelling to ignore. “I’ve traveled all over the country finding these forts. Some of them are pretty well-known, but I’m still uncovering some of them,” said Olson, the author of “The Legend of Prince Madoc and the White Indians.”(*Note below)
The stone structures have long been a topic of debate. Many scientists have come to believe that the walls at Fort Mountain and other Southeast sites were built by native Americans between 200 B.C. and A.D. 600. “We’re not exactly sure what purposes these enclosures served,” said Wood, the UGA archaeologist. “But they were likely well-known gathering places for social events. Seasonal meetings of friends and kin, trading of goods, astronomical observance, and religious or ceremonial activities may have occurred there. “Yet supporters of the Madoc legend say the wall’s tear-shaped designs are similar to ruins found in Wales or elsewhere in Great Britain.


They point to an 1810 letter from John Sevier, the first governor of Tennessee, who said that in 1782 he was told by an Indian chief that the walls were built by white people called the Welsh who lived in the region before the Cherokee. They were driven out with the promise that they would never return to Cherokee lands, Sevier said in the letter, and they supposedly traveled to the Ohio valley or downstream to the Mississippi. There is also evidence of a major battle between 1450 and 1660 at the Falls of the Ohio, which Olson said was the scene of the “big battle began between the red Indians and the white Indians” – the Welsh. Supporters of the legend say Madoc made two trips to North America, with the first visit coming in 1169. While scientists say the story was widely accepted in the 17th and 18th century, it has fallen out of favor over time. “For one thing, there is not a historian that goes along with the theory of pre-Columbian contacts in the United States,” said Sundea Murphy, who works with Corn Island Archaeology in Louisville, Ky. “A scientist needs proof. A historian needs proof,” she said. Yet she sees no reason to discount the story of Madoc or any other pre-Columbian culture – from the Vikings to the Polynesians – exploring the continent. “There were too many other civilizations that had the capability to make cross-ocean voyages,” Murphy said.


Madoc, a Welsh prince who, according to legend, sailed to America in 1170 with a group of settlers . The legend claimed the settlers were absorbed by groups of Native Americans .Their descendants migrated to the American Midwest, where there were reports from the first explorers in the area finding Indian tribes that spoke Welsh . The stories Welsh Indians became popular enough that even Lewis and Clark were ordered to look out for them . In 1833, artist George Catlin visited the Mandan Indians, whom he believed were the “Welsh Indians.” The Mandan were almost wiped out by European disease, the last full-blood Mandan died in 1971.

download (5)


I found the following reference in John Keel’s ‘The Mothman Prophecies Quite interesting: The Indians must have known something about West Virginia. They avoided it. Before the Europeans arrived with their glass beads, firewater, and gunpowder, the Indian nations had spread out and divided up the North American continent. Modern anthropologists have worked out maps of the Indian occupancy of pre-Columbian America according to the languages spoken. The Shawnee and Cherokee occupied the lands to the south and southwest. The Monacan settled to the east, and the Erie and Conestoga claimed the areas north of West Virginia. Even the inhospitable deserts of the Far West were divided and occupied. There is only one spot on the map labeled “Uninhabited:” West Virginia. Why? The West Virginia area is fertile, heavily wooded, rich in-game. Why did the Indians avoid it? Was it filled with hairy monsters and frightful apparitions way back when? Across the river in Ohio, industrious Indians–or someone–built the great mounds and left us a great heritage of Indian culture and lore. The absence of an Indian tradition in West Virginia is troublesome for the researcher. It creates an uncomfortable vacuum. There are strange ancient ruins in the state, circular stone monuments which prove that someone settled the region once. Since the Indians didn’t build such monuments, and since we don’t even have any lore to fall back on, we have only mystery. Chief Cornstalk and his Shawnees fought a battle there in the 1760’s and Cornstalk is supposed to have put a curse on the area before he fell. But what happened there before? Did someone else live there? The Cherokees have a tradition, according to Benjamin Smith Barton’s ‘New Views of the Origins of the Tribes and Nations of America’ (1798), that when they migrated to Tennessee they found the region inhabited by a weird race of white people who lived in houses and were apparently quite civilized. They had one problem: their eyes were very large and sensitive to light. They could only see at night. The fierce Indians ran these “mooneyed people” out. Did they move to West Virginia to escape their tormentors?

images (11)


So who are the Moon-Eyed People? Over the years there have been several theories on this subject, but no one knows if they even existed and simply a Cherokee legend. The folklore of the region is quite interesting, but it will likely remain a mystery. The interesting part is that they were reported by the Cherokee even before the Spaniards came to the new world. There has long been a legend of an ancient race or tribe of ‘Whites’ that existed and thrived long before the American Indians arrived in North America. There are tales among the Paiute about “Red haired giants” with fair skin in the West. The legend says that the Paiute were at war with these giants for generations and that the red-haired giants began to decline to a point where they became “dog eaters” (an insult). The final battle came when the Paiute trapped the giants in a cave on the edge of the mountains. They set a huge fire that eventually killed what remained of the giants. Most of this legend was considered “fanciful” in order to give greater status to the tribe….until a cave was discovered on the edge of the Sierra Nevada in the 1920’s. It’s called Lovelock Cave and a museum is now located there. Kennewick Man was thought to have been a part of this group of giants as well, though it was most likely of Asiatic ancestry despite being Caucasian-like. The Tocharian culture thrived in what is now Northwest China. Despite its total destruction, you can still see blonde hair and lighter colored eyes among the current population. In recent years, another tale of the nature of the Moon-Eyed People has also been put forth…that they are some part of the vast, pan-dimensional conspiracy of subterranean lizard people or Reptilians that secretly inhabit our world, most notably underground. This theory has been promoted, for the most part, by David Icke. Could it be true? At this point, do we really know what is fact or conjecture? 


Either way if they really do exist is still a mystery one I would like to solve. Just like the countless sightings of UFO’s in the sky ever since the end of the mayan calendar in 2012. It’s still just only myth one that we all may find out to in fact be reality soon enough.

Until next time friends, keep an eye in the sky tonight for you may never know what you may see.



The Sleepless Mommie


Crazy Neighbor

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very enjoyable wanted to share it 🙂

The Sir Letters

My Dear Protective Sir,

One word: Maisy.

You had me scared of your poor, defenseless, old neighbor lady before I ever got to Australia. Then I caught her watching me: and watching me – always watching me.

Once I went out in the backyard to do something, and poor Maisy made a beeline for me. I had no idea she could get around that quickly. She was fast for an old gal.

She started asking me questions. She wanted to know who I was, what I was doing in your house, how long I was staying, and why did I talk funny? (Those are just a few of the questions she bombarded me with.) I believe I started making up answers to throw her off the scent of a good gossip story. I also wanted so badly to point out that I had on your dressing gown and you needed…

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Single Parents Pay Taxes Too

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Single Parents Do It Just Like You



As a single mother I have worked hard for the past 16 years now to become a meaningful member of society. I have had many different types of employment, not because I was not good at the job or because I was fired. I have had so many different types of employment because I am the type of person who loves to learn new things. To me repetition is just not what I strive for, every employer I have ever worked for has always requested me to stay with the business. I chose not to stay because I always am out to look into doing new things my mind loves to learn and I absorb it with much need new information. As like many others in the good old united states of America I pay taxes. Yes single moms pay taxes too, contrary to belief we do. As a matter of the fact we do many things the same as married people do. Such as buy a home ( like I have), start a successful business and raise productive little members of society. Throughout my different places of employment I have met some really interesting people and some who I would have rather not of met. All in the same still glad I met these different types of people so glad they helped me in every way understand what I need to learn at the time. I am not saying I am Albert Einstein or Benjamin Franklin but I will say this I have always paid my own way and by that I mean with anything that society requires me to do. As well as any other single mother out there that pays their taxes does. My way might be different from others but it’s my way and I love it.



Some people out there seem think that all single mothers do absolutely nothing but sit around and collect social services benefits. Which makes me laugh hysterically, seriously to those who think that small-minded are moronic and need to educate themselves on the reality of this world. Not everybody is married and unfortunately not everyone is blessed with money. Most of out there are struggling and still find the time to smile. Some of these people who have made such statement as “single moms do not pay taxes” have themselves been on social services collecting food stamps or SNAP as they call it now. These people are very hateful and are the reason for why this country is at a downfall, not the president or government, but ignorant people who run their mouths about things that they don’t even know about. My thing is like this if you do not know a person and have never met them, do not talk about them. You do not live their lives you do not know what they do on a day-to-day basis. Like most people yes things would have had been a lot easier for me if I was married or had a second income. I like being called a single parent because you know what it means that you are a strong person that no matter what life has to throw at you, you managed to overcome and succeed. Sorry but I would not change a thing in my life, everything that has happened has happened for a reason. I love every single moment of it and you should know it’s the little things that count.


Also this goes for those single fathers out there doing it all by themselves as well. Yes there are single parent fathers out there lol. I have a lot of respect for them because they are taking up the slack of this vacant mother. They work and yes pay taxes too, go figure lol. Quite a few people have made comments and or statements about single fathers not really being single. What! really so what are they, Aliens from outer space come down here to earth to pretend to be struggling and pretend to be taking care of a bunch of children, Okie dokie. Get real! they are just as strong as single mothers and they do it all by themselves too.  To me single moms and dads have more than just one job they have several. I grew up in a single father family and it was the best he raised us kids up right and instilled good work ethics and respect. We got to see our mother from time to time, we could have stayed with her but she had her own issues she had to deal with. Being a single father parent is nothing new, my father was taking care of us 26 years ago. I am pretty sure that fathers were single parenting way before 26 years ago as well. People are just very narrow-minded and find it hard to believe that a father or a mother could ever take care of “The Bills”, work, and take care of children all on their own. It’s sad really I would hate to be such a person who thought so idiotically. So my point being is, that we do work and we do pay our taxes it just so happens that we happen to be single. I would like to share a single father story that I was reading earlier on this morning.


Man of the House

by Shannon Cripe

No matter what anybody says, it’s not easy raising children. Whether you have one child or ten, it’s going to be tough. Add to this the fact that you are a single parent, and your life is now ten times harder. In today’s world it’s not at all uncommon to see single moms raising their children, but when you are a single father…

I have had custody of my daughter for six months. These have been some of the best months in my life, the tough times and all. But during this time I have seen and heard more sexist comments about single fathers than I ever thought possible.

To begin with, the social system is mostly setup to help the single mother. It seems that none of the workers expect to deal with a single father. Here are some of the other situations I have come up against these past six months:

I received a letter from the county attorney’s office one day. They said they would help me get child support from the father. At first I didn’t think anything of it until I began reading the forms they wanted me to fill out. All the information they put on the form about me was in the mother’s section. The remaining section asked about a hundred questions about the father. I later called and was told to scratch out where it asked about the father and put mother.

On another occasion, I took my daughter to the doctor her mother had chosen for her. After sitting there for over an hour the doctor came in and asked who I was. After telling him everything that had happened and that I had custody; he turned to me, looked me in the eyes, and said, “You can’t do this!” When asked what he was talking about he replied “You’re male! You can’t raise a child by yourself. She has to have her mother, not you.” I looked him in the eye and told him that my daughter did not need a sexist fool as her doctor, and that we would never darken his office door again.

I was later given WIC aid (women, infants, and children) to help buy my daughter’s formula. Things were going well until I went to a local grocery store to pick up some. I got to the checkout line, and when I handed the male cashier my WIC card he asked me where I got the card. He stated that such cards are not issued to men and said, “I know this isn’t yours.” My first reaction was to yank him across the counter, but I didn’t. Biting my tongue and reaching for my WIC ID, I was saved further argument by the manager stepping forward and checking me out rapidly. I could give you more examples of the discrimination that I have had to put up with, but it would take pages to do so.

I’m sure the majority of men are not prepared to handle raising a child on their own, and do not want to be. But there are also many of us who have the ability and desire to do so, especially when it means that our own offspring is loved and nourished by a parent rather than being abandoned to other people.

Women have fought for equal rights in the workplace, which they greatly deserve. Now what do we, as single fathers, have to do to receive equal rights as a parent? Are we going to have to fight for years to get beyond this? I agree that all children need a mother and father; unfortunately this is not always possible. I also believe that a single father can do just as good of a job raising his children as a single mother can. My daughter will be seven months old this month and is a beautiful healthy little angel. So to everyone who says a single father cannot raise a baby–I’ll see you in eighteen years at graduation!

Shannon Cripe

So for those who love to run their mouths about people who they don’t even know in the first place, need to take a step back and think before they speak. Raising children in a full connected family is hard enough. Imagine having to be a single parent and doing it all by yourself so please give us a break already, we are doing our best! I also would love to add that single parenting has no age either. So many think just because you are a single parent it is because you were a teenager sowing wild oats. That is a big no, Becoming a single parent happens at any age. This next story I would like to share proves just my point that single parenting knows no age here is her story.

By: Jan

My story may be a bit different from other single parents in that I knew from the beginning that I would be doing this alone. By the time I hit my mid-30’s and had not found the person that I wanted to marry and share my life with. I had always wanted to be a mom, however, and knew that biological clock was ticking away. So I made the choice to become a single parent by adoption. I still hope to find my soul-mate at some point, but in the mean time I am loving being a mother of a beautiful little girl.

I grew up surrounded by babies and small children. However, being a parent was a huge adjustment for me and much harder than I ever thought it would be. I often say that I was a much better parent before I had children! I find myself saying and doing things that I never thought I would say or do.

My first parenting challenge was traveling to a third world country alone, and–after two days on many airplanes–being handed a baby only a couple of hours after arriving at my destination. Two weeks later, we were home in the US and started our lives together as a family.

Another huge challenge for me was adjusting my lifestyle. After years of being on my own and doing what I wanted, when I wanted, I was now responsible for another little person who was dependent upon me for her every need, 24 hours a day. In addition to that, she also didn’t like to sleep, and I needed more sleep than ever.

I found that my friends, who were very excited throughout my journey, didn’t come around as much after my daughter came home, and I didn’t have the time or energy to go out with them anymore. My priorities shifted. After working all day, I wanted and needed to spend time with my child. Now, being in my 40s with a preschooler, I find myself forming friendships with others who have young children, and most of these women are younger than I am. People my own age have children who are either getting ready to leave the nest or are already out on their own.

I love being a mom and if I have to be a single mom til I die so be it, I love it and would not change a thing in my life. My kids are my life, My air, My heart. They have made me into a better person and everyday I can count on them to brighten me up or make me laugh. That’s all for today until next time friends. Live, Learn, Love stop the hate. Thanks for reading 🙂

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The Day He Lived

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

10 days ago my dad lived.

My dad, with his beautifully raspy voice, his strong, callused hands, his passion for this landscape and the creatures that exist here. My dad who loves unconditionally and laughs with a promise that things will be ok.  My dad who’s given the shirt off his back, the boots from his feet and all his heart to those he loves or those who need him.

Our dad who knows things. Takes care of things.

Takes care of us.

The weather report warned us that the early January thaw was about to turn treacherous, sending snow blowing across slushy roads, turning them to ice and dropping the temperatures to dangerous lows. But it was warm that early Friday morning when Pops struggled to find the phone to make a call that would save his life.

That evening as Husband drove us home in that mild winter…

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52 Reasons Why I Love You

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52 Reasons Why I love You

This is a little something that I originally saw on a site, when I was trying to think of something creative to do. A little something to show the man who I love how much I love him. It is so cute and again this also works for the ladies too, If you’re a man and want to show a little love to your lady then this is a subtle way that can bring a tear to her eye. 

52 Reason Why I Love You

Crafts Materials Needed: Including many different pictures

A Deck of Cards

Glue or Paste(tape can even be used)

Jump Rings/Ribbon/String/Zip Ties/Old Necklace/Shoe String/Ect….. any of these are acceptable use you imagination

Paper / Printer (or you can write out by hand)

Hole Puncher

Again you can add so many different things to these cards to personalize them

First get yourself a deck of cards (it looks even better if they are old cards that you already have). You can be creative in so many different ways with these cards. Do it in so many different ways its awesome. I made mine in reflection to the things he loved to do like work on cars and race them. You can make your’s any way you want too.   I used Zip ties to hold the cards together, you could use pipe cleaners, yarn, shoe strings,ribbon,chain links.old necklaces, old bracelets, ect..the possibilities are limitless go crazy and get personal. I used stickers for mine to do the lettering. You could use, stamps,markers,white out,cut outs,stencils, etc..also the possibilities are limitless as well. This is a way to do it if you want to use the computer and are computer savvy. You can download templates or create your own templates either way you will need 4 of them of the same character make up.  I would preferable go plain and then type in the numbers it’s easier that way . On the plain templates you will want to enter in the numbers 1-16. On the second template you will want to add the numbers 17-28. On the third you will want to add the numbers 29-40. On the four template add the numbers 41-52. Now with these numbers you can make them any font you desire but do not make them so huge or else they will not fit all on to the template. I went with Font size 24 but you could go a little smaller than that if you like. Keep in mind you want the numbers visible but not so big that they do not fit the cards. Now you can do this two ways you can print out the templates and then write in the words or you can type in the words underneath each typed in number. Here are few examples so that you get an idea of what I am talking about.

Eighth set cards

Example of full typed card

( above are a few different examples of  created templates with the numbers and the words typed in ready to be printed) of course you can use any color and or font when making these it does not have to be black and red or brown and pink any kind of colors you want. Once you created it you can then print out the templates and then paste them on the back of each individual card. Easy right, well if you do feel like doing all of that typing then you can go with another option which is to print out all the numbered template with no words on them and then handwrite each individual card in your own handwriting underneath your printed out numbers. Either way it looks great 🙂 below is a picture example of the printed out numbers with no letters typed in and then personally handwriting into each card.

A template with the number printed out and then later on handwriting in words

You can also opt out of using the computer all together and get really funky creative and handwrite everything. One example would be to use post its. Another example would be to use white out and then write in the numbers and words either way it comes out looking awesome. Below are a few picture example of the hand writing numbers and words concept. Again use you imagination the possibilities are endless.

Another example using post its
Hand written
Example of using plain white paper such as computer paper
Get creative

You get the picture so to speak :). Many other people also went all out and made the cards into a collage which looks super awesome but very time-consuming. Here are a few photos of the cards in collage form. I really wanted to do this but unfortunately at the time I did not have enough time to do so. If you have the time then by all means get funky with it. Below are some picture examples of the collage cards.

example of the cards in a collage form
another example of card collage
Get funky creative

So once you figure out exactly how you want to do the cards. After you have them numbered and typed/or hand written you will then want to print and cut the paper to fit the inside of the individual cards so that the deck of cards numbers are not covered up and paste them on. If you are just  hand writing the cards out then printing and cutting will not apply all you have to do is write on each individual card which cuts out pasting and printing,cutting. If you are doing a collage then you can go all out just do not cover up the numbers that already exist on each of the individual cards this you will need paste and or tape to do its more complex and trickier than the other styles. Once its all done you will need to hole punch each individual card but make sure that the holes line up so that it and be either tied together or do something creative like bracelets, necklaces or the ideas are limitless. Once the cards are together and are numbered from 1-52 its time to complete the deck by doing the front of the very first card before the number 1 card. I used the joker card for that by put 52 reasons why I love you on the colored side of the card and leaving the joker card blank. Again you can add a heart or some type of drawling to that just do not cover up the joker. You do not have to use the joker card for that card, you can use another like the playing instructions card that comes in the pack or one of those cards you don’t need to use while playing cards. Once finished with that card Punch a hole or holes depending on of you wanted one or two holes throughout your deck and add it to the top of the deck by that meaning the first card. If you tied the deck you will then need to untie the deck, and then add the 52 reasons card to the rest of your deck  then tie it back together. If you used rings do the same, ect. I used that card for last because I used stickers and I just wanted to see what the others looked like together before adding it on top. You do not have to do it the way I did but you can get the gist of how its done. Her are a few more photos before I go. Trust me you Husband/Wife or Girlfriend/Boyfriend will be emotional over these and definitely love the fact that it was made by you one of a kind just like the love you have for each other 🙂

Please If you decided to do this project please feel free to share with me your ideas and even a picture of how your deck came out by commenting below 🙂

Till next time friends thanks for reading,


The sleepless Mommie

Ocean City Penguin Swimming

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A freezing Dip For A Great Cause

The swimmers

Although it has come and went already there is always time for next year it happened January 1st. A very interesting and bizarre way to fundraise, it is something of a spectacle to see. Me personally I’ve never taking the plunge but this year coming I most certainly will :D. Please take a look at some of the photos it is so great that everyone comes together to help out in so many different ways. Never heard of it or maybe you would like to participate as well, here is some info on it to get you started. Always looking forward to an incredible New Year’s Day at the Princess Royale you will find it there at 91st Street in Ocean City, Maryland! In honor of our 20th Annual Swim, Frankie, the miniature trick pony, will be entertaining the masses, and ice sculptor Erik Cantine will create a throne of ice for photo ops. Sherman the Shorebird from the Salisbury, Maryland Stadium will also be flying around.

In response to popular demand, the team category has been divided; prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place for businesses’ teams as well as the top teams for community groups and organizations. Individual penguins who raise the most money will also be recognized, as well as the oldest and youngest penguins. Don’t forget to come dressed in costume to be eligible for some great prizes!

OUT OF TOWN FOR THE HOLIDAYS? Participate in the Virtual Swim! Register and fundraise as an individual penguin or as part of a team. Then jump into the water where you are, take a photo and share it with the Penguin Swim’s online community on Facebook and Twitter using #OCPenguinSwim. Get ready to dunk your penguin tail in the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean for a good cause!

Co-chairs Sal Fasano and Madalaine How are leading the event planning committee this year and the committee is already busy revving up efforts for a super fundraiser. There will be new incentive prizes for all swimmers and new winning team category those teams who raise the most money. The 2014 Penguin Swim promises to be filled with fun and excitement! Be a part of the frosty fun! Why not trying something new come check it out next year January 1st 2015. Below are some photos and contact information enjoy.

Sign up today


Looking pretty cold


Some of the swimmers


Contact Info:

Contact AGH Foundation

Event Schedule
New Year’s Eve
Princess Royale
Pre-registration and Advance Check-in
Prizes can be picked up early!

Running for the water

New Year’s Day
Princess Royale
11:30a.m. Registration and Check-in
11:30a.m.-1:00p.m Event day photo ops:
-Erik Cantine, will be carving a giant throne of ice!
-Frankie, the miniature trick pony will pose with “Penguins”!
12:45p.m. The Bull on the Beach team will parade down the beach!
1:00p.m. The Plunge!
1:15-2p.m. Awards Ceremony

Cold Dip
Waiting to take the cold plunge

Until next time friends,

The Sleepless Mommie